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Green Juices

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers.

We hope this information will be helpful to you before your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free rental goods

■ Rice cooker ■ Hand iron ■ Humidifier   ■ Charger ■ Hard pillow ■ Blanket ■ Bowl ■ Bicycle ■ Bath tub/chair ■ Wine glass

■Ice Bucket ■Playing Cards ■UNO ■Wine Opener ■Pajamas ■Wine Cooler ■IH Stove ■Takoyaki Cooker 

■Electric grill pan ■Tamagoyaki bowl ■Various seasonings ■Toaster ■Cheese fondue container ■Crib ■Baby bath

■ Baby futon ■ Face wash ■ Emulsion ■ Hair dryer ■ Conversion plug

[Paid item]

■Hot pot mix ■Solid fuel ■Mahjong set (Available time AM11:00~PM8:00)


If you would like to rent it, please come to the office on the first floor. Business hours 9-18:00.

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