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​Accommodation HOTEL

​About this hotel

New Open! Private lodging with an Instagram spot! A room with a view of Tsutenkaku from the window!
Opened on March 19, 2019! ! Newly built apartment.
1 floor reserved. Bedroom. Wireless LAN available. The rooms are non-smoking, but you can smoke on the balcony of each room.
Pocket Wifi, pillow, pajamas, blanket, baby futon, baby bath, baby bed at the office on the first floor of the hotel

Steam iron, humidifier, charger, rice bowl, IH stove, rice cooker, takoyaki maker, electric grill pan, toaster

Cheese fondue container, omelet machine, various seasonings, wine glass, wine opener, wine cooler

Ice bucket, playing cards, UNO, bathtub/chair, facial cleanser, milky lotion, hair dryer, conversion plug

Bicycles and pocket Wi-Fi are available for free rental.

We also offer a restaurant reservation service.
Air conditioner, flat-screen TV, free bath amenities, private bathroom, kitchen, microwave oven, electric kettle, etc. are all equipped.

Self check-in/out is convenient.
The linen is always clean, and the professional staff will keep in mind the careful cleaning, and provide a clean space.
In order for our guests to enjoy themselves, we would like to respond to their requests as much as possible.


​ Room

​The European style is comfortable with a sofa. Please spend a wonderful time with your family or couple.


​There is a kotatsu in the Japanese-style room! A perfect room for parties.


We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers.We hope this information will be helpful to you before your trip.

Introducing halal food restaurants around the hotel.

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